Weight Loss

Safe Exercise for Fat People

fat person exercising

An effective way to lose weight is to manage your diet and exercise. For those who are classified as too fat and obesity, exercise should not be done haphazardly because they have limitations of motion.

According to BirthOrderPlus’s Garcinia Cambogia review there is a simple formula of doing exercise for leaner and fitter body, namely the frequency, intensity, and tempo. The frequency of exercise should be done at least three times a week for more and more fat burned for energy. However, too heavy and excessive exercise are also not recommended because it can cause the release of free radicals.

“The intensity exercise means exercise according to your heart’s ability. This means the load need to be mixed and adjusted to the age and condition,” said Samuel on the sidelines of the media education about Healthy How To Lose Weight held by Roche Indonesia in collaboration with Gold Gym in Jakarta some time ago.

Another thing to consider is the type of exercise performed. For those who are overweight, Dr. Samuel suggested that they choose a low impact exercise (low impact), such as swimming, bicycling, or walking.

Anaerobic sports and games, such as badminton, tennis, and football, not recommended given the explosive movements with severe intensity alternating with moderate, mild, even at rest.

“If it’s overweight, select a sport that does not make the body take the weight too much,” he said.

He explains, when walking, weight-bearing knee twice the weight and when running the load increased to three times the weight.

“When weighing up to 100 kg, the time ran a body like carrying three bags of rice, can be damaged his knee,” says nutrition consultant at International Plaza Clinic Medika this.

Weight-bearing exercise is also not recommended for those who are overweight.

“Fat people are not excess fat, so fat to be burned. Sports lifting weights can not burn fat,” he said.

Sports that do well should be done slowly, in a flat and divariasiakan type.

“Let me not bored may also join a gym or join a sports community so that greater motivation,” he said.

No less important is to always think positive.

“It means you’re not easily discouraged and bored before the desired target is reached. Do not just based on the weight down, but berpikirkan that the program is done, you will get your body more healthy, fit, and youthful,” he concluded.

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