Skin Care

7 Important Things to Look For and Avoid in Organic Skin Care Products

organic skin care
Jess / May 18, 2017

It seems like every time you turn your head, someone’s gone organic. The same holds true for skin care. Organic skin care is getting very popular because more and more people are worried about what they put on their skin. Using skin care products that contain chemical ingredients has been linked to a variety of health problems as well as bad skin – write BirthOrderPlus. What is the point of spending time and money on skin care if you aren’t…

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Weight Loss

How To Switch To Healthy Diet Without Changing Your Habits?

switch diet
Jess / March 25, 2017

Below you will find seven tips that would bring benefit to your health and require no significant changes in your diet. Healthy eating has become a top trend today. If you spent a few recent years outside the Solar System, then you might have missed the moment when the modern eating culture has become the main reason for the obesity epidemic which, along with some other negative factors, causes harm to our health. Everyone knows that it’s better to eat…

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Diet, Exercise, and a Positive Outlook Can Prevent Cancer

Jess / February 18, 2017

These days it can seem like everything can cause cancer. Smoking, asbestos, the sun, red meat, obesity, caffeine, your genes- sometimes it seems like the list goes on and on. But maybe it’s time instead of focusing on what can cause cancer, that we start taking a look at what can prevent it. First and foremost, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that what you put in your body can have a profound effect on your health.  In fact recent studies show that…

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How to Prevent a Left-Sided Headache

Tension Headache
Jess / January 15, 2017

You know the feeling. You’re sitting at work, doing what needs to be done, and suddenly your left temple is throbbing. You reach for the pain medication, knowing it will be at least 20 minutes until you get relief – assuming the medication works. Headaches are never fun, and the best policy is avoidance. It can be difficult to know exactly how to avoid headaches, especially in our computer-intense and exercise deprived world. Today, we’ll look at how to prevent…

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