Makeup For Your Pet

Pets have always been a natural member of the family. For years, pet owners have gone above and beyond when it comes to their dogs, cats, and other types of animals. Even celebrities have spent millions on special clothes, jewelry, accessories, and anything else they could think of. Now another growing trend has been added to the frenzy – makeup and skin care.

Before you get a crazy mental image, this trend doesn’t involve literally putting lipstick or eyeshadow on your dog or cat. But there are some needs that man’s best friend and his other furry companions have that are similar to that of human beings. In terms of makeup, many pet owners just can’t help dolling up their animals by adding some cute touches of color. There are a handful of companies that distribute their own brand of nail polish for dogs and cats. Appropriately nicknamed “Nail Pawlish,” this pet specialty item can allow your dog or cat to stay stylish with vibrant colors of reds, oranges, silvers, golds, and any other shade under the sun. With ingredients that are animal-friendly and obviously not tested on animals, your pet will be the life of the party.

Despite all the fur, animals also have skin care needs, too. In order to keep your pet’s coat healthy, shiny and their skin happy as well, try purchasing one of the many special lines of top-shelf dog/cat shampoos, conditioners and other beauty products. These items contain many of the same ingredients as our favorite skin care products. Some even include exotic ingredients such as Italian clay. If a regular bath with your old bottle of baby shampoo isn’t making the cut, then investing in these top of the line products will give your dog or cat the soft and shiny coat you’ll always want to cuddle up to.

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When your pet needs some personal time and pampering, treat your favorite furry family member to a day spa. While this option may not be one that cats will be agreeable with, dogs of all sizes and breeds will enjoy a stay at an exclusive spa that caters specifically to our four-legged friends. These types of establishments are beginning to become more popular, as the number of pet owners demanding nothing but the best for their loved ones continues to grow. These spas not only pamper and spoil your pet with special grooming methods, baths, and skin care procedures but also provide an atmosphere where your dog can run free and do as they please. Special diets, toys and even animal-oriented workout equipment and swimming pools are common at many of these doggy day spas.

Planning a family vacation that your pet can’t go on? Instead of dropping them off at the lonely and sterile kennel, you can leave your pet at the day spa overnight. With 24-hour surveillance and a special staff, your pet will always be safe and well taken care of so you won’t have any worries while you’re away.

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