Make Your T-Shirts A Fashion Statement

T-shirts never go out of style but rarely have they actually been considered style icons. Usually, t-shirts are preferred for the days when you don’t have the time to think about putting together an outfit or don’t care about what you’re throwing on. T-shirts embody the casual lifestyle but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your favorite t-shirts into a stylish clothing item.

There is actually a lot of diversity that can be found with t-shirts, especially when it comes to mixing and matching them to other items in your closet. That being said, one of the easiest ways to sport a stylish t-shirt is to choose one with an awesome, artsy design. Sure, it’s easy to buy a shirt with a funny cartoon character or a statement/quote that is intriguing, but delve deeper and buy a t-shirt that has a cool portrait or crazy, abstract design on the front. A t-shirt with a fun and artsy design will go great with your favorite pair of jeans and flats.

Speaking of shirts with words on them, while many carry pretty hilarious sayings, most of the people you pass by won’t have the time to stop and read your shirt – plus, you may not feel entirely comfortable with someone staring at your chest for that long anyway. Instead of wearing a t-shirt with a mini novel on the front or back, start choosing styles that have fewer words that still manage to make a statement. They’re out there and are gaining popularity so don’t stress about finding just the right one that allows you to make a statement without saying a word.

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One way celebrities are using their favorite t-shirts in their fashion ensembles is by wearing them to dress down an otherwise over the top outfit. A plain, white t-shirt can do wonders for bringing a sense of balance to an outfit filled with chunky jewelry, boots, leather pants, and a blazer. Depending on what clothing items you decide to mix and match, toss in a plain t-shirt into the equation to help you keep everything on point. On a related note, it’s totally okay to wear your t-shirt as an actual blouse. Just make sure to choose the right kind of color, design (if any) and accompanying accessories and clothing items.

Another trend that celebrities are using t-shirts for is to showcase what cases they support. What better way to tell the world what’s important to you than wearing a shirt that announces it for you? Many stars are sporting t-shirts with their outfits that promote everything from the fight against cancer, and abuse to going green and the fight against drugs. If there’s a cause you want to be a part of, look up the organization’s websites and start doing some research – chances are they have an online store where you can buy clothing that supports the cause and donates the profits made from purchasing clothing through the site. Not only will you be rocking a stylish t-shirt, you’ll also be playing a role in supporting a cause for the greater good.

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