Luxury Services For Your Body

We all do it – after an especially exhausting day (or week,) we sit back, groan and wistfully tick off all the treatments we would have if only we had the money, the time, or any idea how good a luxury spa treatment really could be. Well, behold, a few very lucky guys and girls did what we all dream of – they actually went out and had the best luxury treatments they could find. The best news, they were all under $100. (We’re interested in relaxing without getting a second job to pay for it!) We’ll give you the keys to finding your own luxury treatment in your town.

They first went in search of the perfect facial and found four. The first was a 30-minute facial that started with a papaya enzyme scrub; it also included toner, exfoliation, a moisturizing mask and an anti-aging eye treatment. The real treat to look for, a reclining Shiatsu-massage chair that works out your neck, shoulders and back while you get your revitalizing facial. Facial number two reminded us of Thanksgiving and included some of the best ingredients for maintenance facials. It started with a chamomile cleanser, then a tingly pumpkin, papaya enzyme mask, and a good steam. An ultrasonic tool enhanced grape-seed toner to tighten pores, reduce bacteria and increase collagen production.

The next treatment was a European facial. It starts with a mint-leaf-and-citrus-oil serum to soften skin and clean pores. While a steamer aids the serum, the rest of your upper body enjoys a message that makes the remaining steps of extractions, exfoliation with a scrub and motorized brush, and a soothing mask almost forgettable – except that you leave looking like a million bucks. The last of the great luxury facials was the most unorthodox, but you’re sure to enjoy the results. This facial included strips of wet cotton soaked in vitamins and electrodes that are attached to force the nutrients into the skin. There was a slight metallic taste during the treatment, but our skin was amazing after. This is one facial that celebs swear by and now we know why.

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Mani-pedis (manicure and pedicure) are a must on any luxurious spa day. This was hands down the best combination. Look for the chocolate mani-pedi and you’ll be transformed once you’ve experienced it. It starts with a soak in cocoa scented water (you can’t imagine how smooth cocoa makes the water and your skin.) You then go on to a cocoa paraffin treatment where your hands and feet are wrapped in comfortably hot wax strips. The results are astonishing. Our man is and pedis lasted for weeks! Also included were hot chocolate, chocolate champagne, and truffles. Heaven!

Last but certainly not least was the full body treatment and massage. Hands down the favorite of the guys and the girls was the polishing body treatment. It’s perfect for this time of year when we’re starting to show more skin and enjoy the heat of summer. It starts with a mixture of soapwort, jojoba granules, peach and mango extracts to gently exfoliate the skin. This polishing scrub gets worked into your skin from shoulders to toes and is wiped off with hot, wet towels. This is followed by a Swedish massage that makes it almost impossible to drive home.

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