Lingerie Fashions For Expectant Moms

Who says you have to be built like Victoria’s Secret model in order to wear lingerie? You no longer have to adhere to the age-old belief that only sexy, single women wear lingerie and designers are proving this point by creating more styles that suit not only women with “real curves” but expectant mothers as well. You heard right – if you’ve got a bun in the oven and you’re feeling sexy then chances are there’s lingerie out there to match your mood – and your changing body.

Being with a child is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, although there may be times when the last thing you feel is sexy. However, dressing up in lingerie is a great way to remind yourself just how sexy you are. The fact that more designers are creating such styles for expectant mothers is a wonderful sign that the definition of a “sexy woman” has multiple meanings and isn’t just limited to what we see in advertisements and on television.

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If you’re a mommy-to-be who’s feeling a bit naughty, you’ll want to look into lingerie styles that not only make you feel good but are flattering to your figure. While the stage of your pregnancy will mainly determine what type of lingerie you end up buying, the following styles are generally ideal for any pregnant woman: baby dolls, camisoles, negligees, and chemises. Baby dolls provide support for your breasts and come down in length to your hips.

The free-flowing style is not only comfortable but is very accommodating to your growing belly. Buying matching panties will set off the outfit. A matching camisole and boy shorts set is also a great style that expectant moms can enjoy. Camisoles are tops that come with spaghetti straps and fit comfortably close to the body without being too tight. If you like negligees, you’ll be happy to know that you can now find a maternity version that will flatter your figure. Make sure to stick to satin negligees, which are not only sexy but feel good on the skin as well. If you want lingerie that you won’t grow out of during your pregnancy, then you can rely on a maternity style chemise. You can choose from thick or thin straps for comfort. Thigh high chemises are great and the front is designed to accommodate your stomach, which means you can wear it throughout your term without any worries.

If you’re feeling more daring then you can look into a sexy bra and panty sets. However, you’ll want to make sure that the items you choose cater to your body. Finding a good lingerie maternity bra means looking for a style that doesn’t have an underwire, which can prevent proper blood circulation in your breasts, and be choosing natural materials. Picking the right bra fabric can prevent you from dealing with allergies, itchy skin or dry/cracked nipples. Multiple fasteners will allow your bra to accommodate your growing breasts and choosing wide, elastic straps will provide comfort and prevent the straps from painfully digging into your skin. When searching for sexy panties, avoid synthetic materials and opt for natural fabrics. Also, make sure the panties you choose don’t press tightly onto your stomach – styles that go under your stomach are ideal.

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