Weight Loss

Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

Many people struggle to get rid of belly fat, but you don’t have to be one of them. Belly fat is a common problem for many people. We live in a world of people who are mostly overweight and obese. If you are lucky you may be one of those people who does not fall into either category, but still may carry belly fat that you would rather not.

Whatever category you come under, less fat and more muscle is a good thing.Getting rid of the fat around your belly doesn’t have to be too difficult. In fact, small changes can have a huge impact on losing weight although many do not believe this. Unfortunately though, losing weight around the belly does mean you have to put a little work in but what people do not realize is that the work comes in the planning, and not so much in the implementation. See once you have a plan set out in front of you, losing weight becomes easy and almost effortless. You can achieve more but just giving yourself time to plan and to observe yourself.

This is the first step I would suggest:


Many people simply decide to diet, exercise and make no progress because they have no idea where they are going wrong and think that by just substituting bad foods for good foods they will get where they want to. This rarely happens. Most people eat so much and are so dehydrated that their sense of true hunger is warped. As a result, you have to plan to begin with until you have the experience and awareness to know what true hunger is. Most people mistake emotional upset and dehydration for hunger, so being in tune with your body and taking time to be in the present moment are keys to success.So how do you do this? Well first off take a few days to write down everything you are eating and drinking.

Also, make a note of how you felt before and after.

Once you have done this you should have a good indication of how many calories you are overeating and whether there are some things you can automatically cut out i.e. sodas/juices (stick to water). If you are still overeating on calories despite cutting these things out, check to see whether emotional eating is a factor for you. Maybe you noticed this over your 3 days of observation. If you have an inkling that you cave to food in boredom, upset or happiness, then make sure you make this a big factor to look after.

Before meals make sure you do not eat out of emotion.

If you know you are going to eat because you are upset then distract yourself or comfort yourself in another healthier way. This could be simply by talking to a friend. Generally, for most people cutting out small things and dealing with emotional eating can be enough to overcome belly fat or other types of weight issues. However, it is also worth making better choices of eating. For example, a good way to get some fruit is to eat plenty before each meal. Many people experience better satiation after their main meal this way and it also prevents them from overeating in general.

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Of course, exercise is another important issue.

Exercise can help keep your motivation high and keep you happy. I have found that slow long runs have been the best exercise for belly fat problems. If this doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry! Just make sure you are getting some exercise in daily and try to enjoy it. Maybe do different classes each week or go for long walks with the family. If you have a dog take them for an extra long walk. The most important thing is to enjoy it so that it can become a daily healthy habit. There is no point doing something you don’t enjoy.

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