Weight Loss

Belly Fat Burning Food – 5 That Really Work!

Black olives

People ask me all the time, “are there really belly fat burning foods”? Yes, Yes and Yes! Don’t just take my word for it, numerous highly reputable organizations have data to back up these claims. The organizations with the science to back it up include:

The National Insitutes of Health,  Johns Hopkins, Penn State University, Indiana University and the list goes on and on. In a nutshell, here’s the fab five foods and what the data says about  these belly fat burning foods.

  • Oils, especially olive oil
  • Olives
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Avocados
  • Dark Chocolate

These fab 5 (known as monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFAs) do a number of great things like lower the risk of breast cancer, reduce inflammation, protect the heart, ward off type 2 diabetes and (drum roll please…) target belly fat!

In an Australian study subjects were divided into two groups.

  • Group 1 ate a typical breakfast with saturated fat (for example bacon, pastry).
  • Group 2 ate a breakfast low in saturated fat but included olive oil.

The oilve oil group had a significantly higher fat burning rate in the five hours following the olive oil rich breakfast. And get this: the fat burning was particularly evident in the group with greater belly fat! Again, there are a number studies which all show similar results.

To optimize the benefit of belly fat burning food include them in every meal you eat but (and this is important) limit these fab five to no more 30% of your daily calories.

  • For women, your daily calorie intake should be 1,800 calories. (30% of 1,800: 540 calories).
  • For men your daily calorie target should be 2,000. (30% of 2,000: 600 calories).

Learning to eat five small meals per day of between 300–400 calories will keep your metabolism in high gear and also helps belly fat burning.

This means for a 400 calorie meal, about 120 calories of that should be from the fab five food group listed above. For example, 10 almonds or walnuts sprinkled on your morning oat meal would work or half an avocado on your salad at lunch. Combining these foods with a healthy diet and exercise program will really accelerate the belly burning potential.