jessicaMy name is Jessica, but most people know me as Jess. Starting this blog was a no-brainer. I cook a lot and run even more, so I thought it would be fun to share my recipes, running stories, training tips, and encouragement with others. Without further ado…

welcome to Turn Mills!

in a nutshell: I’m a runner with a spice for life and an active appetite. My husband, Kevin, and I live in Seattle, WA with our furry kids, Detroit and Vegas. I’m the Community Programs Coordinator at Brooks Sports.

me in 4 words: Tall. Loud. Redheaded. Runner.

activities i love: If I’m not in the kitchen or out on a run, I’m most likely eating, coaching, sleeping, hanging with friends & family, volunteering, doing something creative with Kevin, traveling, date nighting, or face down in a cookbook.

a peek behind the apron: Mr. Lyons is the creative mastermind behind all our videos and my #1 taste tester. I come up with the recipes, we get creative in the kitchen, and he makes magic happen in the editing room. Here’s my no-so-shameless plug for his video production company – yesandvideo. I also cross-over and spend time with his business as well – Jess Lyons, Producer – so you never know when I might show up on set.

Enough about me, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to send me your favorite running story, healthy recipes to try, or email just to say hello. My email is here. Cheers!